On 4 and 5 March the annual meeting of the decentralized nodes of the Virtual Campus for Public Health was held in Bogota, Colombia.

RISS, evaluate the performance of decentralized nodes and develop the work plan for 2015 - On 4 March, a working meeting devoted to evaluating the experience in developing the course of PHC was performed.

On March 5 a day was held to present the experience of Colombia and VCPH Node with officials of the Ministry of Health, municipalities, National Institute of Health.

At that meeting, one participant per university provided via Blackboard work performed within the course of PHC - RISS.

The conference was attended by Dr. Gina Watson, PAHO representative in Colombia and the Deputy Minister of Public Health and Health Services Delivery Dr. Fernando Ruiz Gomez.

Dr. Armando Guemes, consultant services and health systems PAHO coordinated the meeting and presented the possibilities offered by the campus to accompany the processes of PAHO's technical cooperation in the country.

Mr. Gabriel Listovsky gave a presentation of the regional campus and its resources and offered various alternatives for the use of the campus as part of Continuing Health Education.

Dr. Watson VCPH assessed the potential for the development of skills in health and valorized the contributions nodes country can offer the regional campus and PAHO.

Dr. Fernando Ruiz Gomez congratulated for their work, thanked the work of universities and invite you to continue working together. I point it is appropriate to exploit the potential of the campus for training human resources and gave as an example the contribution that Colombia could do from experience that is developing the country against Chikungunya.

Attended the meeting the following members Node universities Colombia VCPH: