Celebrada  la Segunda Reunión del Equipo Técnico de los Nodos de Países del CVSP.

On September 21th, developed the 5th meeting of the Technical Team of the VCPH Country Nodes as on previous occasions, was conducted through the Elluminate room intended for exchange of work of the Technical Team on the Virtual Campus of Public Health (VCPH).

This meeting was attended by teams Nodes: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, Paraguay and technical teams of BIREME and the Regional VCPH.

One of the topics discussed was the work in the repository of each country, as part of the Network of Open Educational Resources (OER). The object and learning resources repositories  on campus nodes allow the publication, search and retrieval of learning objects at the level of the Americas, whose support and operation is guaranteed jointly by VCPH and BIREME.

Another theme of the session was the work of each country in its content, with an analysis of the innovations made by each site and areas for improvement in them.

On October 1st , will be another session via Elluminate, to point out the issues relating to metadata and interoperability of national repositories OER Network.