3ra Reunión Técnica de Programación. Curso Virtual “Diplomado en Salud y Desarrollo LocalOn days 11,12 and 13 May this year, was held in Panama the 3rd Technical Meeting of Programming course "Diploma in Health and Local Development."

This course is the convergence of several initiatives from PAHO: Project Human Resources for Health Development, in particular, the training initiative and the technical health of the Virtual Campus of Public Health (VCPH) Project Social Determinants and the Millennium Development Goals Initiative Faces, Voices and Places initiative and the health and local development.

Objectives of this meeting was to consolidate the team, reviewing and implementing the common context, process, characteristics and prospects of the course, learn more about the VCPH, learning virtual classroom management and other resources of the platform design and approve the work schedule for the launch and implementation of the course.

The first version of this course was conducted in collaboration with DELNET / ILO in 2007, and was attended by 38 participants from 17 countries in Latin America and 4 tutors. PAHO has now defined the full transfer of the course to the platform and pedagogical model of VCPH, with characteristic degrees.

The meeting was attended by both coordinators of the course, as tutors, teachers and staff work in the VCPH.