Regardless if it is a face-to-face learning process, blended or virtual learning, creating a course in the virtual classroom of the VCPH enables the development of teaching-learning processes with network support and varying degrees of interaction.

In order to facilitate the ongoing creation of a ¨course¨ in the virtual classroom, and only as a guide, we present 10 steps to follow in the process  before beginning the creation of the course in the Moodle platform.

  1. General Program of the module or course (GUIDE).
  2. Learning Module for each teaching unit, topic or lesson (GUIDE).
  3. Calendar for the module or course (MODEL).
  4. Resources (presentations, conferences, seminars).
  5. Basic Readings (mandatory).
  6. Other Readings.
  7. Learning activities (interaction and assignments).
  8. Assessments (self-evaluations, midterm and final).
  9. Glossary for the course or module.
  10. General Information (Welcome message and overview of the program).