Virtual Course on Comprehensive Cervical Cancer Control


This course aims to improve the training of health providers in all aspects related to the prevention and control of cervical cancer, including its natural history, primary prevention through vaccination against HPV, detection and treatment of cervical lesions precancerous, diagnosis and treatment of invasive cervical cancer, and provision of palliative care. The course will also cover aspects of community mobilization for the use of cancer preventive services. Information will also be provided on the proper organization of vaccination and screening services. The course also offers the possibility of completing a module that reports on the organization of cervical cancer control programs.


The course is aimed at health care workers (especially those in the first level of care):

  • Physicians;
  • Non-physician workers (nurses, midwives, auxiliary personnel, among others); and
  • Program managers.


The “Virtual Course on Comprehensive Cervical Cancer Control,” has been designed to train the health care workers on the most relevant elements in the knowledge, prevention, and control of cervical cancer.

The course consists of 10 modules, that are listed below:

  • Introduction
  • Module 1. Key Concepts on Cervical Cancer
  • Module 2. HPV Vaccination for Cervical Cancer Prevention
  • Module 3. Programmatic Aspects of HPV Vaccination
  • Module 4. Screening for Cervical Cancer
  • Module 5. Diagnosis and Treatment of Cervical Pre-Cancer
  • Module 6. Delivering Services for Cervical Cancer Screening and Pre-Cancer Treatment
  • Module 7. Diagnosis and Treatment of Invasive Cancer
  • Module 8. Palliative Care
  • Module 9. Community Mobilization, Education and Counseling
  • Module 10. Establishing a Cervical Cancer Prevention and Control Program
Last update: 05/Jun/2024