SAFER initiative: cost-effective policies to reduce alcohol problems


Welcome to the online course about implementing SAFER in the Americas.

There are three ways to understand SAFER:

  • Firstly, SAFER can be understood as an acronym for the most cost-effective interventions to reduce alcohol related harm. The SAFER technical package outlines ways that countries can implement the SAFER interventions.
  • The second way to understand SAFER is that it's an initiative and a partnership between the World Health Organization, the United Nations Interagency Task Force on NCDs and the United Nations Development Program. These agencies, together with civil society organizations, advocate for and facilitate implementation of the SAFER alcohol policy blueprint. They also support the development of high impact alcohol policy solutions and build partnerships and initiatives around advocacy, facilitation, and support for alcohol policy.
  • Thirdly, SAFER can be viewed as a compelling narrative about the great potential of alcohol policy through the SAFER technical package supported by the SAFER initiatives.  You can think about several examples that illustrate the potential of alcohol policy.

This course is a 5- module interactive online self-study course; each module allows you to develop knowledge about what safer is and how it is implemented.


To provide a comprehensive toolbox and guide to understanding and implementing the SAFER initiatives.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Increase your familiarity with the SAFER interventions and strategies.
  • Develop the theoretical foundation necessary in order to initiate the process of SAFER implementation on the country and even on the local level.
  • Build capacity to overcome barriers for implementation of the SAFER technical package.


10 hours  


This course has a self-management methodology, you can do it at your own pace.

Course Structure

1. Introduction: The first module introduces SAFER. 

2. Safer interventions: The second module dives into all five of the SAFER interventions.

3. Implement: Module three is about the implementation of SAFER and all of the details that need to be considered for effective implementation.

4. Monitor and Evaluate: Module four is about monitoring, surveillance, and evaluation of SAFER implementation.

5. Protect: Finally, module five deals with issues around how to protect SAFER from alcohol industry interference.

Last update: 03/Apr/2024