Preventing Self-harm/suicide: Empowering Primary Health Care providers


The learning objectives of this course are: 

  • Increase competence in early detection and management of self-harm/suicide
  • Learn about the rates and burden of suicide in the Region
  • Understand the negative impact of stigma on help seeking
  • Identify and understand the warning signs of individuals at risk of suicide
  • Understand the role that health care providers can play in the prevention of self-harm/suicide


The course is aimed at health care workers especially those in the first level of care:

  • Health Professionals, especially those who work in primary care
  • Physicians
  • Non-physician workers (nurse practitioners, auxiliary personnel, among others
  • Students in medicine, nursing, public health and other related disciplines.
  • Public health program managers.


The “Preventing Self-harm/suicide: Empowering Primary Health Care Providers” has been designed to train the health care workers on the most relevant elements in the knowledge, management, and prevention of suicide.

The course consists of 7 modules, that are listed below:

  • Module 1. Introduction to self-harm/suicide
  • Module 2. Asking about self-harm/suicide and Clinical Presentations
  • Module 3. Communication Skills
  • Module 4. Assessment of self-harm/suicide
  • Module 5. Management of self-harm/suicide 
  • Module 6. Follow Up
  • Module 7. Suicide Prevention Strategies
Last update: 05/Apr/2024