Assessment strategies training on competency-based education for health professionals focused on maternal and perinatal health

Classic education, i.e., the input or objective-based model focuses on primarily cognitive functions, where students must respond to content-focused goals, and where evaluation is representative of memorization, and learning focuses on assigned tasks. This model does not necessarily respond to the health needs of the population, which must be translated into the curricular meshes of the health care practitioners.

The old content-focused model (the input model) has been overtaken by a new form of education, based on the acquisition of competencies (output model), where the process is based on presenting students with critical, complex and contextualized problems and expecting them to show they understand and can analyze the phenomenon.

The COMPETENCY-BASED EDUCATION: Evaluation Strategies Training Program provides an overview of this the new competency-based model, in which learning focuses on capacity buildingin the process, over the outcome obtained, in addition to delivering contextualized situations that favor a real and significant learning. Competency-Based Assessmentsallow students not only to check the acquisition of knowledge and skills, but also to become aware of their level of learning, and to learn from the assessment proper; this creates a circle of constant learning for both facilitators and students.

Course purpose

  • Analyzing the theoretical rationales of competency-based assessments as a core element of the teaching and learning processes.
  • Identifying and describing the key tools currently used in competency-based assessments.
  • Understanding the contributions and benefits of OSCE in the assessment of clinical competencies.
  • Mastering and strategies for OSCE implementation.

Target audience

This training is meant for midwifery teachers engaged in teaching both theoretical knowledge and hands-on clinical practices at midwifery training centers.


The course is open and available in the VCPH. As it is a self-learning course, participants can administer the time they dedicate to complete the different modules. The COMPETENCY-BASED EDUCATION: Evaluation Strategies Training Program is assigned a total of 18 hours, including the estimated time to complete the units and module assessments.

Course Structure

Module 1: CBE Basics

Unit 1 // CBE Basics
Unit 2 // Meaningful Learning
Unit 3 // Authentic Assessments
Unit 4 // Introduction to Competency-Based Assessment Tools
Assessment // CBE Basics-Assessment

Module 2: Competency-Based Assessment Tools

Unit 1 // Multiple-Choice Questions
Unit 2 // Rubrics
Unit 3 // Portfolios
Unit 4 // Team-Bases Learning
Unit 5 // Checklists
Assessment // Competency-Based Assessment Tools - Assessment

Module 3: Objective Structured Clinical Examinations

Unit 1 // OSCE Basics
Unit 2 // OSCE Planning Stage
Unit 3 // OSCE Execution Stage
Unit 4 // OSCE Evaluation Stage
Practical Scenario // Implementing OSCE - Putting it all together
Assessment // OSCE-Assessment

Evaluation and certification

Upon completion of all the units of each module, participants will need to complete an assessment comprising 10 questions to evaluate their knowledge. These assessments are designed for participants to have multiple opportunities to answer at least 70% of the questions correctly.

This course has the possibility of having the modules in PDF or interactive format for use without an internet connection. You must enter the course to access the material and to meet the evaluation and certification requirements.

Last update: 05/Apr/2024