Different platforms, tools and applications can be used to create educational resources (learning objects, LO), according to the type of resources needed and their level of granularity.

moodle MOODLE

In the VCPH, the Moodle platform is used for the creation and implementation of training processes for different levels of complexity (granularity), from a learning unit (subject), or a teaching unit (lesson), to a modular unit, a course or a set of courses (Metacourses).

"Moodle is a software package for producing Internet-based courses and web sites. It is a global development project designed to support a social constructionist framework of education."

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WebEx web conferencing is a great way of working with people who are elsewhere.

The WebEx technology allows you to meet, collaborate, present and share content, all on the Web. Meet face to face with HD video. Share your entire desktop or specific applications or documents with all meeting attendees. Participants can also assign the "remote control" to other attendees in cases of demonstration or technical support.

WebEx software is available on the Web when needed. No need to download, update and maintain the software. Set up an account and start using WebEx in minutes; You can use it from any computer with an Internet connection or from most smartphones and tablets.

eXelearning eXeLEARNING

Another tool promoted by the VCPH to edit open contents (creation of learning objects off-line) that can be incorporated into the Moodle platform is eXeLearning. Any teacher can create educational web content without being an expert in editing and markup with XML or HTML. eXe Learning can export content as self-sufficient web pages or as SCORM 1.2 or IMS packages.

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