Lunes, Mayo 17, 2021
12.00 pm (EDT USA)

PAHO's Regional Program on Bioethics invites to participate in this seminar in Spanish in preparation for the launching of WHO's recommendations for the governance of human genome editing. The results of the GenÉtica project, which was initiated in Argentina to promote the understanding and community engagement on gene editing, will be presented in the session.

For information about WHO’s work on this topic, visit: https://www.who.int/ethics/topics/human-genome-editing/en/ 

Objetivo(s) del evento: 
  • Preparation for the launch of the WHO recommendations for the governance of human genome editing.
  • Presentation of the communication project GenÉtica.
Disertantes. Breve síntesis curricular: 
  • Carla Sáenz, PAHO Regional Bioethics Advisor, USA
  • Sebastián Barbosa, Biologist founder of GenÉtica. Advisor in the communication of science and technology, Argentina
Palabras claves: 
bioethics, gene editing
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