Martes, Agosto 30, 2022
10:00 a.m. (EDT)

The COVID-19 pandemic has had considerable impact on health, life, and conditions for development in the countries of the Region of the Americas. It has exposed, exacerbated, and created structural challenges for health systems and has affected the response capacity and results in the field of public health. To address these challenges, in 2021, PAHO Member States adopted the “Strategy for Building Resilient Health Systems and Post-COVID-19 Pandemic Recovery to Sustain and Protect Public Health Gains” and requested that the Organization to provide technical cooperation to strengthen capacities and promote cooperation, regional dialogue, and exchange of knowledge and experiences.

The experiences, tools, and lessons learned from systems transformation and strengthening processes are increasingly relevant considering the region’s new initiatives. Several countries are in the key stages of planning and definition of road maps that seek to concretely develop participatory and inclusive governance structures for health systems, develop and strengthen joint and supportive financing mechanisms, develop governance of health delivery and service networks, and to address the regulation of the private sector and complementary health.

This first webinar aims to create a space for exchange and reflection about the challenges facing these countries with regard to health system strengthening and transformation.

Date and time: Tuesday, August 30, 2022, 10:00 a.m. (EDT); duration: 1.5 hours.

Zoom register: https://paho-org.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_FyrcSwqySiOI-lA0tyGkgw

Objetivo(s) del evento: 
  • To convene high-level decision makers from three countries from the region and international experts in an event aimed at discussing and reflecting on strategies for transforming health systems from four aspects: stewardship capacity; financing governance; governance of service delivery networks; and regulation of the private sector.  
  • Include reflections on contextual aspects, adopted transformation frameworks, analysis of achievements and challenges, and the most important lessons learned.
  • Synthesize key messages that arise from the exchange of panelists and participants and policy options to be shared in the seminar results report.
Palabras claves: 
EPHF, Health Systems, Universal Health