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Health Financing Courses

Health Financing Policy for Universal Health Coverage

This course aims to improve understanding of health financing policy, and how it can support progress towards universal health coverage (UHC). Based on WHO’s health systems framework, the different functions of health financing policy, namely revenue raising, pooling, purchasing, and benefit package design, are each discussed in detail with extensive country illustrations.

Self-paced (approximately 6 hours of course time)

Public Financial Management in Health – 2021

This module will look at some of the issues surrounding Public Financial Management (PFM) and explore how PFM can provide a supportive environment for health financing reform toward universal health coverage. 

Self-paced (approximately 1 hour of course time)

Cross-Programmatic Efficiency Analysis – 2021

This module on Cross-Programmatic Efficiency Analysis will provide you with an approach to analysing efficiency across health programmes within a health system. Through analysing health programmes based on their common health system functions, you can see how they interact with one another and the overall system, and where inefficiencies can be identified.

Self-paced (approximately 1 hour of course time)

Mental Health

iSupport Virtual Course - Skills and knowledge training for carers of people with dementia

iSupport is WHO’s skills and knowledge training programme for carers of people with dementia. Through its five modules, iSupport aims to prevent and/or decrease mental and physical health problems associated with caregiving and to improve the quality of life of those caring for people with dementia.

Self-paced (approximately 7 hour of course time)

Engaging Communities in Preventing Suicide

The first e-learning course on Engaging Communities in Preventing Suicide has now been launched.

This e-learning course comprises six modules which cover a step-by-step guidance on how to engage communities in suicide prevention. Each module covers a particular step in the process of developing, implementing and evaluating an action plan for suicide prevention led from within the community. This course is designed for anyone interested in developing activities to prevent suicide in their local community.

Self-paced (approximately 7 hour of course time)